Todo App - Node JS app providing CRUD operations for Todos' management. To-do created by a user is persisted in Mongo DB. New Users can be Signed up and encrypted credentials are persisted in Mongo DB. JWT Token returned after user login is used to authenticate CRUD operations of Todo's.
   Chat App - Peer to Peer Messaging App build on NodeJS and Users can create/join a chat room for which others users are notified. Messages sent to a room aren't persisted to a database.
   Chainlist DApp - Node JS DApp emulating craiglist on Ethereum block chain.
   Recipe App - Spring 5 based Recipe App providing CRUD operations. It was further migrated to MongoDB as backend DB (Repo link)
   Messaging App - This app keeps track of last 5 comments on news and publish new comment to news subscriber.Persistence is done on Redis which maintains track of last 5 comments on news.
   Book Catalogue - Single Page App keeping track of books.