Kamran Ali

Kamran Ali

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Employment History

Expedia Inc.

Software Development Engineer II

Gurugram, India

Multi-Tier Cancellation

Lead the effort to design, build, test and deliver multi-tiered cancellation policy support for suppliers in Booking Stack. Suppliers can now support multiple windows with different cancellation rules for a booking which improves customer experience and provides more fine grain control over financials.

Partner Onboarding

Participated in designing and building booking, post-booking and async notification support for newly onboarded partners. Async Notification support increases booking success percentage which prevents dollar loss and a better customer experience

Amex EVC

Participated in building dynamic issuance of EVC Cards for AMEX who is Expedia’s one of the biggest while label solution partner. The requirement came as a last minute ad-hoc request and the team delivered it before time

Software Development Engineer I

Gurugram, India

Booking Stack Migration

Involved in designing and migration of billion dollar booking stack from monolithic chunk to microservices. Worked on design and development of domain service including performance testing, traffic migration, statistical comparisons. Success rate is ~.72% better in new stack and success rate of post booking retrieval is 99.98% which constitutes 49% of entire traffic on booking servers.

Cloud Migration

With an aim of achieving elasticity of servers and granular investment tracking of infrastructure, participated in migration of domain services from the data center to AWS. Focussing on hybrid stage challenges e.g. latencies between datacenter and cloud.

Distributed Caching

To avoid fetching static data from Relational DB while booking hotel. Proposed, Designed and Delivered production ready Redis Cluster. TP99 of data retrieval is ~3ms. Currently serving as SME on the solution.

Fraud Suspect Booking Handling

Designed and currently involved in delivering cloud native solution to clear Fraud Suspect Hotel Bookings. Booking is either cancelled or marked as legitimate within specified duration. Partners are then notified for legitimate bookings.

Associate Software Development Engineer

Gurugram, India

Booking Search

Provided solution to partners to search for booking in their hotel based on customer details through RESTFul API. This feature ranks top based on its usability. Delivered concept-to-completion web service in <7 months getting a live traffic of ~10TPS. Played crucial role in CI-CD pipeline, preparing build script and load testing. Later to track partners are aware of booking done in their hotel designed and delivered confirmation REST API in ~ 2 weeks, which acts as an acknowledgement from partners.

Reconciling Bookings

Facilitated post booking settlement for Partner collect Hotels by providing RESTFul API enabling partners to edit/confirm booking as per customer stay. Finalized the design and delivered MVP in ~2 months facing live traffic of ~5TPS. Later proposed and delivered RESET functionality, which nullifies recent changes that have been made on a booking.

Samsung R&D Institute India-Delhi (SRI –Delhi)

Software Engineer II

Noida, India

SMART TV Web Engine Enhancement project

This project includes checking app compatibilities while porting it to new display engine. Studied the life cycle of Samsung Apps on Smart TV. Investigated and provided solutions crashes. Webkit is used as a display engine, Javascript is used to build apps.

Performance Analysis on Smart TV display

This project consists of improving performance by investigating and replacing libraries used under the GUI wrapper (Cairo and Pango etc). We have studied multiple GUI components that were used under the wrapper and finally provided the solution to the client using EFL.


Bachelor degree (B Tech) in Computer Science and Engineering

from Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology with 8.28/10 (CGPA)
Bhopal, India

Programming Skills

Software Engineering & Web Development

   Java , SQL

   Scala , Python

   Spring-boot, Docker, AWS (EC2, ECS, S3), JUnit, TestNG, Git, Log4j2, Jmeter, Splunk, Maven, Jenkins, Banzai & Mockito



  1. Received Spot Award for “Going Above and Beyond” during traffic migration to new Booking Stack.
  2. Recognized among Top 500 Coders (globally) in a competition Organized by IEEE.
  3. Served as CHAIRMAN of IEEE MANIT student branch (2011-12)
  4. Joint Secretary at SCEECS 2012 (International Research Paper conference).
  5. Founder member of IEEE MANIT student branch and served as treasurer (2010-11).